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  Employee Benefits  

Eagle Rock Management Group, a Foundation Risk Partners company, proudly provides quality and customized employee benefits plans for public and private organizations in the Metropolitan areas of New Jersey and New York. The primary objective at Eagle Rock is to provide its clients with the tools and information needed for long-term stability and economic strength.

Every employer faces the same challenge: How to manage increasing healthcare costs while offering employee benefits that attract and retain talent. Strategic employers maximize their investment by creating a healthcare cost management game plan, optimizing benefits and ensuring employees have the tools and resources they need. Whether fully insured or self-funded, Eagle Rock Management Group works with you to create a tailored multi-year cost management roadmap so you can achieve sustainable results. Contact us for a confidential review of your needs and plan options.


Employee benefits consultants at Eagle Rock focus on your company’s bottom line while protecting the interests of your employees. With insurance premiums rising, tighter budgets and reduced HR support, squeezing every possible dollar of value out of your employee benefits budget is critical to your business, no matter what size.

Eagle Rock Management Group seeks to understand your short and long-term goals, matching your company with the right products and insurance tools. We strongly emphasize benchmarking and understanding how important attracting and retaining employees is. We can help you control costs by making data-driven decisions, mitigating risk and reducing the administrative burden of managing your employee benefits program.  We will help benchmark and implement your plan, educate your employees, manage administrative details and ensure you meet regulatory and compliance requirements.


Implement Plan


Educate Employees

Manage Admin Details
Monitor Compliance

Executive Benefits
Eagle Rock Management Group specializes in the design, implementation, and administration of executive benefit plans. Our insurance consultants create plans to meet the needs of businesses of every size. Benefit programs are strategically crafted to align with overall compensation philosophies and financial objectives.

We analyze your existing plans and find solutions to tough questions, such as:

  • Are you providing executives with sufficient retirement income?

  • Can they effectively attract and retain executive talent?

  • Are your programs competitive?

Ancillary Benefits 
Ancillary benefits are used to supplement group health insurance and are a cost-effective way to create a robust and attractive benefits package.  Offering ancillary benefits make your business more competitive in a tight employment market and you can compete with other employers who may already provide these value-added benefits.

In addition to being a low cost expense for businesses, ancillary benefits also provide services that may improve overall health.

  • Dental and Vision Insurance

  • Group Life Insurance

  • Short & Long-Term Disability

Metropolitan Health Insurance Fund

The Metropolitan Health Insurance Fund (HIF) was founded by Joseph G. DiVincenzo. It provides affordable, customized health benefits plans for municipalities, counties, schools, and public entities in the Northern New Jersey Metro area. Consultants at Eagle Rock work closely with your Broker to ensure that you get the best benefits package to meet your needs. Because HIFs are self-funded, owned and managed by member groups they offer a number of advantages and benefits.

  • Increased flexibility in the management and cost containment of the plan.

  • Exemption from certain taxes and fees that raise the cost of health care.

  • Reduced costs by eliminating profits and other fees included in traditional commercial insurance plans. HIFs only collect only the amounts needed to pay for claims and plan expenses. Excess amounts are returned to members as dividends.

  • Year-over-year rate stabilization.

What benefits can be pooled?

  • Medical (Aetna)

  • Medicare Advantage (Aetna and UHC)

  • Dental (Delta Dental)

  • Pharmacy (Express Scripts)



Spring 2023



Spring 2023

Metropolitan hif members

  • Bloomfield Township
  • Irvington Township
  • West Caldwell Township
  • Passaic Valley Sewage Commission
  • Sayreville Township
  • West Orange Township
  • East Orange Township
  • Scotch Plains Township
  • Orange Township
  • Bloomfield Public Library
  • Plainfield Public Schools
  • Union Townships
  • Morristown Township

Why Choose hifund?

If you're looking for a better way to provide employee health benefits, find out how municipalities, schools and public entities in the Northern New Jersey Metro area can save by joining Eagle Rock's "hifund" pool. Watch the short video.


"The Metropolitan Health Insurance Fund provides the Township of Bloomfield, the Bloomfield Public Library, and their employees with premium stability year over year. By joining the Metro, we eliminated our run-out claims liability, making our employee benefits budget much more predictable."

Councilwoman Jenny Mundell
Township of Bloomfield, New Jersey

“Our clients appreciate the cost stability and data transparency that the Metropolitan Health Insurance Fund offers. MHIF’s highly competitive quotes have benefited our insurance professionals and clients who face ever-increasing costs in the challenging New Jersey healthcare marketplace.”

Michael Graham, Chief Operating Officer
Fairview Insurance Agency Associates

"The Metropolitan Health Insurance Fund has given our self-funded clients the ability to reduce their medical benefits budget through lower fixed rates and run-out exposure while maintaining the same level of coverage. Our clients have also been able to realize long-term savings potential through low stable increases and earned dividends."

Julie Servidio, Account Executive
IMAC, a division of Acrisure

"The uniqueness of MHIF is that it provides clients with compliance resources, transparency and autonomy not found in state benefits."

Viviana Lamm, VP of Benefits


The Eagle Rock Management Group and the Metropolitan Health Insurance Fund were both founded by Joseph G. DiVincenzo. Joseph has more than a decade working in employee benefits and self-funding, brokering some of the largest municipalities, boards of education and private organizations in the State of New Jersey.

In 2019, Eagle Rock was founded, and in 2020, the Metropolitan Health Insurance Fund was founded, which helps to provide stabilized, transparent benefits for numerous NJ counties. In 2021, Joseph was FRP's number one benefits producer in the nation.

Prior to transitioning to the insurance industry, Joe had a successful career in the New Jersey public school system holding several positions, including Assistant Superintendent, Assistant Principal, Education Specialist and Mathematics teacher.

In addition to eliminating the complexities of health insurance by equipping clients with the knowledge and data to make better decisions for the long term, Joe and his team follow four key core values that make Eagle Rock Management Group a trusted expert in the realm of employee benefits.

Joseph G. DiVincenzo Headshot

Joseph G. DiVincenzo
Founder & President
Eagle Rock Management Group

Eagle Rock Core Values

  • We use data to drive our decision-making process

  • We understand all organizations are wired differently

  • We strive to provide personalized and professional services

  • We are tuned in to the latest trends and strategies



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