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Metropolitan Health Insurance Fund

The Metropolitan Health Insurance Fund (M-HIF) was founded in 2020 by Joseph G. DiVincenzo to meet the diverse needs of Northern and Central Jersey.

With medical trends around 6% and pharmacy trends around 10%, these annual increases are unsustainable for taxpayers, employers, and employees. Because of this, more public entities are moving from fully-insured plans to self-funded ones, making the HIF model a popular choice. Unlike traditional self-funding, the M-HIF provides its members with one fixed monthly invoice, mature costs (no run-out exposure), and no laser provisions. In addition, features such as telehealth, pharmacy utilization protocols, medical case management techniques, and health and wellness grants allow the M-HIF to reduce the amount spent on claims and flatten premium variations over time.

A shared-service model such as the Metropolitan Health Insurance Fund is the long-term approach for governments to demonstrate sound financial accountability to New Jersey taxpayers.



Q2 2024

Metropolitan hif members

  • Bloomfield Township
  • Irvington Township
  • West Caldwell Township
  • Sayreville Township
  • West Orange Township
  • East Orange Township
  • Scotch Plains Township
  • Orange Township
  • Bloomfield Public Library
  • Plainfield Public Schools
  • Union Townships
  • Morristown Township

Why Choose hifund?

If you're looking for a better way to provide employee health benefits, find out how municipalities, schools and public entities in the Northern New Jersey Metro area can save by joining Eagle Rock's "hifund" pool. Watch the short video.


"The Metropolitan Health Insurance Fund provides the Township of Bloomfield, the Bloomfield Public Library, and their employees with premium stability year over year. By joining the Metro, we eliminated our run-out claims liability, making our employee benefits budget much more predictable."

Councilwoman Jenny Mundell
Township of Bloomfield, New Jersey

“Our clients appreciate the cost stability and data transparency that the Metropolitan Health Insurance Fund offers. MHIF’s highly competitive quotes have benefited our insurance professionals and clients who face ever-increasing costs in the challenging New Jersey healthcare marketplace.”

Michael Graham, Chief Operating Officer
Fairview Insurance Agency Associates

"The Metropolitan Health Insurance Fund has given our self-funded clients the ability to reduce their medical benefits budget through lower fixed rates and run-out exposure while maintaining the same level of coverage. Our clients have also been able to realize long-term savings potential through low stable increases and earned dividends."

Julie Servidio, Account Executive
IMAC, a division of Acrisure

"The uniqueness of MHIF is that it provides clients with compliance resources, transparency and autonomy not found in state benefits."

Viviana Lamm, VP of Benefits



Q2 2024


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